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What Is A Proxy?

A proxy server is a way of connecting to a server that would otherwise be blocked usually by your ISP or government. Instead of connecting directly to the blocked server which would result in an error you bypass the blocked site by connecting to a middle-man server and then ask that server to connect to the blocked server. There are different types of proxy servers. Our https proxy encrypts the connection from you to the proxy guaranteeing your privacy and allowing you to view blocked websites.

No Log Files

Some proxy services keep a record of your IP and the URL you have requested. Some even record your browser and the location you have connected from. The proxy service is totally anonymous, we do not record any information about you, your IP, your location or your browser. Browse the web totally anonymously and unblock websites banned by your ISP.

Browse The Web From Multiple Locations

You can use the proxy service to browse the web from multiple locations around the world. We currently have proxy servers in London, Singapour and Montreal. When you visit any website using our service your location is hidden and the website will see the location of the proxy server and not yours.

Search for keywords anonymously

You now don't need to enter a full URL to browse the web anonymously. You can also use our private proxy to search for keywords just like you would at Google. Enter any keyword into the URL above and we will connect to Bing and search that keyword for you pulling back all of the results anonymously.

256bit Encryption

As well as protecting our proxy users with SSL certificates we also encrypt the search or URL you enter into the URL box. We issue a secret key which is used to encrypt and decrypt the search results before they are displayed to you. It's impossible to break the encryption which is the same as that is used in WhatsApp, commonly known as end to end encryption.

Proxy or VPN?

An https proxy is a simple solution to unblock a website which could be banned in your country or if you want to browse content anonymously and securely. It's an easy solution if you just want to browse a couple of websites. For a more permanent solution, you can use a Cheap VPN which encrypts the connection from your device to the VPN. A VPN can be configured to run as soon as your device starts and is best if you want to permanently encrypt the connection and browse the web in total privacy.